Sugar Boat

Something really random I thot I should post since I haven't posted anything at all.... enjoi!

Sugar Boat

Where the streams meet the Ocean
and love is more than an emotion
where words turn into actions
'cause of the law of attraction
where the Sugar Boat floats
and you hear the sweetest notes
that is where you'll find me
it is there you'll see me

When the roses bloom at sea
and the scent reminds you of me
when things don't make much sense
the confusion in your head is inmmense
when the Sugar Boat melts in your tea
and you know you found the key
that is when you'll find me
it is then you'll see me

Where the Oceans turn sweet
Ah... the City of golden streets
where the fish can fly
and birds swim... if they try
where the Sugar boat rests
and peace abides in the hummingbird's nests
that is where you'll find me
it is then you'll see me.

1 comment:

Chris said...

This may not make much sense,
And my confusion is quite immense:D
But I think it's worthily written,
Peace abides...I'm smitten:)

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