Day 1: A Picture of Yourself With 15 Facts About Yourself

  1. I am in love
  2. Ice cream is the most delicious thing in the planet
  3. Sometimes I catch my mind in the other side of the world
  4. I'm only human
  5. I consider some of my family like friends and some friends like family
  6. I really enjoy drawing
  7. I am a Scout! (and proud of it)
  8. I really really like playing Tetris xD
  9. I bake when I'm depressed ... and some of the yummiest things come out of it
  10. I own more clothes than I can wear 
  11. I am a spoiled brat!
  12. Music is my lifeblood
  13. I have never heard all of the songs in my iPod
  14. I have a LOT of siblings...
  15. I'm convinced I have the best boyfriend ever!

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Shailesh said...

no 3 4 5. hi5 blog'bud

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