Teary Eyes...


Teary eyes, cold hands
Warm feeling, terrible pain
Memories small that seem grand
I try to keep my mind sane

Playing music, dancing for the moon
Wild movements control my being
From sunset, sunrise and beyond noon
Hoping, believing, ever seeing

Singing to the sound of falling rain
Crying to be happy and free
Without a bit of the so-called shame
So joyous, more than I’ll ever be

Teary eyes, cold glare
Warm look, terrible sight
As into the empty space I stare
Trying so hard to face the light

Feelings come with seasons
Happiness seems to be drowned
Hatred comes in without reasons
Oh dearest joy, finally found

Emotions and pleasures come
And with the passing days they go
When the sands of time are done
Love and joy will overflow
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(Note:) Okay I knoe it sounds kinda emo and stuff, but I was going through sum though stuff at that time :D (Thankk God I got over it :P)

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Windy said...

Beautiful, the way it's written pierces you to the heart. You have a wonderful gift "alice" :D

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