Still life

SO now I've taken to drawing people. Faces mostly. and its good practice... I think. Since I have a lot of time now, I do that :D
This is... well my niece. she's the sweetest thing ever! :)


strophicus said...

u sud know that ur sketches are super delicious. u sud keep doing it. i have few of 'em myself. think i sud post just so that you can critique:)

Chris said...

You know the saying "everyone's a critic?" :D Well I think your art is...first of all very realistic, plus it has a lot of feeling and depth. It gives me the impression that there's a whole story behind each picture...one which I'm curious to hear about! :):)
That's my critic duty done. :D

Alice J. said...

Heheh Nice Stroph... I'd like to see those :)
Thanks Chris... that was encouraging :) :*

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