Dreaming of you an your lips
Your embrace what a paradise divine
Already missing your touch, your fingertips
Your smile, it makes me shine

Dreamy eyes, what a peaceful sight
Your taste is so heavenly, I would say
The way you make me feel is so right
Will you be here for me today?

I love that way that you touch me,
The smell, the sight, it's you
The touch, the way you turn my key
Your love, your way of getting me through

The way we talk about nothing at all
And for hours I could hear your voice
Even if you can only afford a 3 minute call
With you around I can hardly keep my poise

Silly! Someone once told me
To try to describe your charms
But I’m dying for you to hold me
You make me feel so special in your arms

It’s your laugh that I love
It’s the way you make me smile
It’s like you're an angel from above
And I almost seem so... vile

It’s more than just butterflies
More than what some think it to be
It’s that shine in your eyes
It’s what you have been to me

I see your way of helping others
Your way of being so kind
How you do care for your brothers
I can't get you out of my mind

I don't feel worthy of you
It’s the way you're making me feel
You’re too good to be true
Your love is almost unreal

I know you love me the way I am
And I’ll say I love you too
Because I really do, damn!
I really do love you!


M said...

I love this one...so cute!!

Stephanie said...

Oh I love it too Esther!!

Windy said...

Hahaha this is so funny and cute! I love it!

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