This is How I Feel


Distance may keep us away,

and oceans may throw us apart,

but i think of you every day,

I know I should trust my heart.

I dream of you every night,

your laugh, your touch, a smile.

this feeling has to be be right,

you gave my life a new style.

I wish I could hold your hand,

to tell you how i feel about you.

spare the distance, oceans and land,

show you how love stories are true.

You bring out the best of me

something no one ever could do

somehow you made my blindness see

and I want to be the same to you

You gave me a reason to try

and  I found out that it was real

although I really don't know why

but I love you, and this is how I feel.


Sandy said...

Aww, I love this one...SIGH....
Sniff almost made me cry I love you ester..keep up the good works!!

Stephanie said...

Oh YES, this one is great! Do you mind me publishing it in my blog too??! This is how I feel as well. Thanks for sharing your poetry Esther, its beautiful.

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