It Was For You

Ok guys i know this took me some time :D But I finally got sum new stuff! :) hope u like it. 
P.S. This is my very first poem in the "Free Verse" form, never in my life had i used it but this one just sort of "came to me" :P If you like it comment, if you didn't, well comment too :D 


I wrote of a memory, 
The memory of a dream.
A dream of what was a wish,
And might have been real.
A nostalgia for what I never had,
Missing what I wish it would have been,
Holding on to the memory of what never was,
And it was but a dream of you.

I broke down to pieces,
They were a million and one.
It was all for the memory of this,
A dream of what never would have been.
A wish I wished would become true,
Wondering how you put my heart back, 
With nothing but this wish,
And it was none but a wish of you.

I created a fantasy,
Of something i wanted badly.
The dream of things I wanted to be,
And things I wished for the most.
A reality in my heart woken,
This feeling so familiar yet strange,
For a fantasy of wishes and dreams,
And it was all about you.

And i would trade, 
the memory which was,
a dream to be true,
this wish I desire,
my heart that was healed,
a fantasy which was real,
and a woken reality,
all... just for you.


Ben Who said...


Stephanie said...

Love can be confusing, that´s what! But it´s worth it...more than worth it.

Windy said...

You did a wonderful job on this freestyle business! It's super!

Alice J. said...

Thanks... Sadly the guy I wrote this to had only one word (and I quote) "Interesting..."

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