It feels like heaven when I'm with you,
And when our eyes lock in a gaze can't help but want you,

I can still feel your lips touch mine,
Oh what a wonderful memory of that night,
When I kissed your lips oh so fine,
When in my heart you put on that light.

A new hope, a new dream, a new love,
You, the one that captured my soul,
Indeed an angel from above,
And a heart that's made of gold,
Cannot be torn apart.

All those sleepless nights and restless days,
Only made me think of you in many more ways.

It feels like heaven when I’m with you,
And when you're close to me, I can’t help but know it is true,

And to know that you love me is more than love,
It’s love that begets love and surely it is from heavens above,
And when love talks about love, love knows I am in love,
For you my love, my all, dear angel from above,
Know that I, with you, am in love
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