Aahh (like Windy would say...) I'm bushed! No... seriously, do I even know what's up with me? So much, like in a slow-mo blur kinda thing ... not being clear ... sorry :D
So to begin... its been a really annoying kinda week.. really! like my dad wasn't home (and me being a slacker at school :O:O) and then it went by so fast .... and so slow in a funny kinda way you know?... no you don't... that kinda things only happen to me -feeling special- (somebody please burst my bubble and tell me you know what its like....)
So anyways remember the ppl. who were moving to the city and i was like NOOOO about them? well i was getting used to the idea and i sorta kinda maybe i really liked it after all... like TEENS!!... not only in the city but MY AGE!! and not only that but same gender! (like what was wrong with meee?!) no more me being alone on lonely weekends right?! well guess what?! They're not coming here anymore! (yeash talk about bursting bubbles). They phoned yesterday... and said they were thankful we were willing to let them be here (whether we wanted it or not), and that they were invited to this other city and they decided on going there... (great! so much for the excitement of more ppl. my age FINALLY...) well whatever... i mean I'm almost done with school and I'm taking off almost as soon as i'm 18 and have the money to go elsewhere... (yeah now i'm planning... and hoping against hope that somehow maybe that's the right thing to be doing right now....)
Talk about school... something I should be doing right now... I just remember.... I have 4 exams this weekend... 4 exams!!! ughTYJ hopefully i will pass them ahhh LHM!
On another subject... Saturday was actually pretty amazing.... -smiles- I got to talk to friends i hadn't talked to in... what felt like... AGES! Aand... there were no Scout activities... ummm I dunno if that's like good or bad... cause I was invited to this annual camp they were gunna have this weekens (This year they were gonna go to this random place and we were supposed to build our shelters and stuff... Like survival Sam! -beams-) Buuut... because i wasn't actually gunna sleep in a tent my mom said I couldn't go... bummer? well i don't think i have the mental capacity of comparing that to the chat(s) I had with my 'friend'(s) which BTW were tootally awesome!
So what happened on saturday? These ppl. from this nearby city came by with their teenage daughter (kinda younger then me but hey, a friend is a friend right?) and we had... -drum rolls pls.-
How freaken awesome is that?! ok... i'm being exagg but hey it was fun :D so here's what.... I WILL post them.... but you're gonna have to either love... or forgive my totally freaky/constipated-looking faces okei?!... cause these are... just totally weird :D
Ahh great first pic.... right? .... forgive... the faces... :D

Seriously... WTH!!

OK... up-side-down pics are.... whatever

Ok... so we needed a NORMAL pic... to smooth things out... ;)

Hippies!! ... sorta? (ignore my 'high' face)

Smugness... :>

Charro Hats!

Uhh... ok?


OK OK too much crazy/weird/strange-ness for one post.... LOVE N' Peace... yeah like hippies... :D


Chris said...

I don't think it's too weird:-D
The pics are CUTE--esp. the 3rd upside-down one:) and the "normal" one after...and the smug one :D ("happy being beautiful," remember?)
GBY for making it through that week; I'll be praying for your exams for sure!!!

Windy said...

Hahaha my cuters! Just love your silly faces!

Meggy said...


You are visitor number....