For you Mom!

Mom, this day is special, this is your day
there are things I want to you to know,
thoughts in my heart, words I want to say
what can I do to give the love I want to show?

You've been there for me, to show love and care 
to encourage, to strenghten, to teach,
there was not a day you haven't been there
such a level of dedication is hard to reach

Your love for me has no beggining, no end
its so big, everyone would be able to see
yet the most complex mind would not comprehed
what the love of you, my mother means to me

words aren't enough to describe the way
you showed me how to love the way you do
from year to year, week to week, day to day
i know my mother could only be you

Nothing anyone ever did could really compare
with the things you've been through for me
so to the whole world today, i will declare
you are the best mother a mom could be!

Mom, I know I've been a pain in the ass lately (Specially these last 16 years) I know I never did anything to show you how much I love you, but i want you to know I really do!!
Thanks a whole lot for all your dedication to us (12 kids) the last 30 years or so, i know its not easy, and that makes you an amazing mother!! 
Thanks for supporting me in everything i do and for being there every step of the way, and most of all thanks for being my mum!
I love you!

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