What have I been up to...?

Hee hee... I know its been some time since I posted ANYTHING!! gulp!
Not that I don't love you! quite the contrary... its just that i haven't been so.... inspired lately cause... cause... oh well 
Anyways I got invited to the ECHO activity this month yay! it was quite the thing! 
We went to play gotcha, all the teens in the are were invited as well as some YA's and SGA's and I must say it was wonderfully lovely... (that doesn't include the part about some slight bruises and cuts around my body, and having to wake up at 4:30 am to avoid traffic jams and be on time) we also went to this beautiful forest-natural reserve right there (in mexico city)... who wolud have thought Mexico City had such lovely places...
Oo well a picture tells a thousend words right? so here's a couple of them!


Chris said...

OH YES!!! That looks like fun fun funnnnnn!
I've played paintballing only three times..so far:D and I have taken no prisoners ever--nor been taken:-P I die kicking...and shooting!
It looks great...invite me next time k? boo hoo ha ha ok going but yes awesome post and looks like a...heaven o' a lotta fun!

Windy said...

Awww so fun!!! Sniff, sniff...I wish I could've been there

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