Meet Elle... and family

I went that I went to visit my visitant nephews and niece
and I thot they were the cutest of the cutest ever
i agree that you should agree with that 

Dan (the daddy)

Me! and Elle :)

Elle (Or Michelle) (3 weeks)

Jacen (2)

Brian (3)

Sonny (4)

Keith! (7)

Group Shot!


Stephanie said...

Ahhah! I agree Esther, they´re super adorbale. Are they all Dan´s kids though?!

M said...


Anonymous said...

OMG! Esther, is this you? I don't know if you remember me, I was your roommate in the JEDI JETT camp in 2006, my name is Windy by the way.....
Love you lots! I absolutely love your poems, you have a real talent!

Chris said...

Oh it's SO great to have loads of nephews and nieces :-D
(all the more so since they're cute)

You are visitor number....