If you go I’ll feel alone
If you stay I’ll love you more
And with you I feel like I’m at home
Cause you are the one that I adore

So please stay,
Stay here to tell me you love me,
Please don't leave me
I want you tell me how much you need me

The warm May breezes blow
I feel the rain, the clouds, and you
And all I can do is try to show
What I really want to do

The chill is leaving as you come
The rain goes away with your eyes
I know it's more than I’ve felt for some,
But baby, I just can't disguise

So please stay,
Stay here to tell me it'll be alright
Be with me throughout this time
Please stay with me for tonight

If you go I won't hold it against you
I know it's hard to understand
But if you stay, please do be true
Please let me hold your hand

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