Day 5 and 6

Guyss... I'm soo sorry I only go to post this a bit late... you know, now that i'm back home first thing since i stepped in the house was study for my exams.... so yeah here we are for the last 2 days....

Day 5
  • Checkout... We checked out of the hotel that day we had provisioned only 3 nights there, we had planned to stay the last night at my brother's home there in that beach town. so we checked out (after hours of packing everything in the car) and moved on.
  • Shopping.... So we got to Zihuatanejo to visit my bro's home and on the way stopped at a store to do some shopping... I was gonna make a cake for the Family birthday but we decided it'd be better/cheaper and maybe yummier (but ofc not healthier) to just buy one so yeah we did.... and the adults got like all these beers and gave me none!!! :O:O meanos!
  • My future home!... So yeah I guess I might be moving here sometime after Oct... hopefully, and that's my 'Stepping stone' Zihuatanejo... Gash the house is like sooo amazing I love it!! Its got like a swimming pool, the hammock place and all these nice tropical trees all over.... yeahhh sweet stuff!
  • Pc time.... I was on the pc for some time there.... I got to talk to the most amazing ppl... and man it was soo nice -smiles-.... 
  • Family birthday! ... So we celebrated the day with a super nice cookout (by Chris, Gabe, Mom, Abrek, Rose, Dan and all these other ppl.... lalala) man those ppl. really know their kitchen stuff!! (and i'm still pissed cause the adults were so mean and did not share their beers with me).
  • A swim!... man the water was sooo cold but totally worth it.... (I missed some of the swimming fun cause i was talking to someone (incredibly important to me) over the chat, but I wouldn't have traded all the fun in the pool for that chat!) It was sooo fun, except for the fact that i left my rings on a chair and they disappeared...
  • LJ time!... Dan had the most wonderful idea of like getting everyone together in the living room and have a special LJ time, where we said what we were thankful for the most about the family and sing some songs... amazing time!  I was so nervous already for talking out loud in front of all the ppl. that when they asked me to sing a song I couldn't be nervous anymore :P
  • Communion... Dan had the nicest piece of bread to have a communion with and brought out the most amazing wine i had ever tasted, Dan, you're the man. :)
  • Cake!! Yeps... it was chocolate! just like the one i didn't have for my birthday...but man was it soo yummy!!!
  • My room... So I FINALLY got to sleep with Sandy and Susie!! yeah all this time and i hadn't had the chance to talk over night with them.. So we first finished watching love actually in my pc and then we watched music and lirycs, which btw was pretty cute. We slept with like these huge fans on and it was sooo freezing (even tho it was hot.... weird huh)! but we didn't turn the fans off cause of the evil evil mosquitoes....
  • Staying up late Yeah after the 2 movies were done it was probably 2 am... but it still didn't matter...  (I thot it was too early to go to bed anyways) Sandy and I had a lot of things to catch up on and stuff... (I mean after like a week together and its STILL isn't enough) so we talked and talked until it was 4:30 and then we decided it was late enough to get some close-eye time
Day 6
  • Wakey wakey!!.... Ugh so after going to sleep at 4:30, I woke up art 7... again.. (Yeah i know wtf?!) so yeah i woke up incredibly tired but yeah stayed in bed till like 9:30... between sleeping and awake...
  • Breakfast... Oops... I missed breakfast... well no big deal I wasn't that hungry anyways... It was over before I got there so ummm... yeah breakfast was great
  • Pack up... yeah so back to the room (which btw had no glass or screen on the door and the bathroom no light) and packed everything up for the trip, it didn't take so long... but my laptop had to be recharged cause I don't have a music player and i die when i go through hours of no music at all... so i recharged my laptop (well to a 75% cause we had to go) and was happy (for a while)
  • Tripping... It was... a bit dull i was sooo tired i actually fell asleep... :O:O I never ever sleep in moving vehicles (cause i get movement sickness) so i think it was good i skipped breakfast... but what was good is that Sandy and Susie got to ride with me on the way to Morelia... hooray!! Thank god I actually had battery on my laptop and was able to listen to sum music with Sandy ... till the battery died...
  • Morelia... So we got to Morelia (the city where Sandy and Susie live) and stopped there for lunch (and a laptop recharge) oh and btw lunch was awesome! (prob cause i was so hungry cause of the breakfast incident) I so loved the ham and cheese sandwiches Auntie made us. They were heaven.
  • Stephie!!!- The only thing (or rather person) that was missing for this vacations to be the best i ever had... she was originally supposed to be kidnapped by Sandy and I to go to the beach but... yeah she also had tests and she actually studies for them... (so unlike me) and she was gonna do that while sandy and i had a blast at the beach (aackk i sound so selfish) so when I got to Morelia guess who came to give me the hug she was supposed to give me since my birthday?... Yups :) Stephie!! -jumps up and down in excitement- Yeps she not only gave me one hug but like three... :D:D and we took a picture in which looked hideous which i will not post for her (and my) sake... and we got to talk and i never finished :P lol oh well... "Stephie, Get your butt right here!!!!"-- I love you!!
  • Road trippin'... So yeah thankfully my laptop's battery was recharged (altho not fully) and we (as in Johnny and I) got to listen to sum music on the way back to Queretaro... I have to say it was a little tight on the way back cause there wasn't uncle's car to distribute the ppl... so i had Johnny's uncomfortable legs over me... ugh... so i took another nap :O:O no... that was after i digested my lunch... just in case ... you know.. and we got back home
  • Just as we came in the house.... I was told Go studyy!!! yeah school... ohh well
  • (special feature..) Mexican City Names... By now you must have figured out that mexican people name their towns and cities soo oddly... like Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo (Try to pronounce that!), Morelia, Queretaro, Oh and those are the ones i mentioned... there are soo many i haven't and will not for the sake of briefness on this post (like if this post was meant to be brief)
    Ok so that's all for now... here's the pics... and well... enjoy! :)


      Windy said...

      Awww so fun! I love your makeup in those pics! Your hair is awesome!!!

      Kwan said...

      So this is your future home? umm very nice (even if its not) those type are for millionares here in Thailand!!and umm i liked your hair in the other post more Stephy looks really good in this post,and is that your bother?

      Kwan said...

      Oh wait its Susan! haha my bad I get confused but I think I got the name right this time (or i could still be wrong) anyway its doesn't matter,haha she just looks good in this one.

      Meggy said...

      Oh!!! Estie you look so HOT in these pics! Ur eyes...they're like...ahhhhh! So captivating! eeeshhhh! I'm glad you had a blast!! I love you WOMAN!

      Chris said...

      That says all I can formulate before getting lost again...
      A-Mazing pics!!!

      (And hey, soooo sorry about your rings u lost...hope the thief dies! --or something bad happens... not ot mention the fool that was chatting you oh boy:D)

      Chris said...

      Ok ok, I admit I am not a blogger yet...unlike you fine folks:-P
      But if/when I set up mine I will send a link...:D
      ~the Crs

      Alice J. said...

      Aww Thanks Windy! Ily!!
      Yeps Kwan this is my future home, that Is my brother and that is Susan... :)
      Thanks Megs!! I love you too!! You're amazingly hot yourself!!... if you ever doubt that just ask Josh :P:P
      Hahah Chris, no big deal about my rings tho... I think my bro will find them and keep them for me till he gets here.... or something... and oh no, that 'fool' should stay alive till i get there and then i can decide his penalty :P:P
      Oh oh, I so can't wait for your blog tho... I promise I will be a faithful... "Follower" :P Love you!! xxoo

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