My weekend (Thank God for Mondays)

Wow... this whole weekend has been sooo stressing... sigh!
I hardly had time to sleep or eat... just do school... i finished 4 tests this weekend, 2 on saturday and 2 on sunday... my brain is like literally fried. I still have math to get over with this next week, and language, and the other test i was like supposed to pass but i flunked... i won't have the tests till the 20th but i have to get over the books already.
My feet hurt like the dickens... i walked back home from school both saturday and sunday... not wearing the most ideal pair of shoes for walking. I got home with blisters on my ankles, and my feet were literally bleeding, ouch!
Also on Sturdday we went to the scouts... they get together here at the park every Saturday... I was soo tired, after my tests and my dad said i had to go with my sibs to the scouts, so i went... it was fun, but my arms feel like falling off now....
I'm falling asleep in my pc... i won't post this till morning cause i just... i need my sleep!
(if only i could sleep)
Oh hey tomorrow's monday, and i'm hoping to catch a certain person on... -wink wink- hopefully we can talk for some time and catch up a bit . okai my bed is calling me and i'm not resisting... goodnight!


Windy said...

Awww poor you! I'll be praying for you!

Alice J. said...

shanks :)

Kwan said...

Well at you came back to us i though the studies might have taken you from your dear commenters!well look at all you've gone through and how far you've come!! that always helps me!!sweetdreams Ali!!love you heaps!

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