Missin' You

Missin' You

My heart holds a special feeling for you
Lately in my dreams you have been
‘Cant understand but I know it’s true
Even if it’s clearer than water has ever been

Love is the greatest thing in heaven or earth
But love isn’t love without you
Love can wash away all doubt or hurt
That’s why for me, love is you!

I don’t know what the future may hold
But love lasts forever,
Yes I have been told,
Love is forever

Forever can be an eternity with you
And always can be forever
Yet this life won’t last forever
But an eternity will do

I love you more than words can say
Probably more than love can be
You should know it’s harder each day
To fight the love within me

To do or to be, is something difficult to choose
But I choose to give you my love, my heart my mind
Even if the heart is a thing too valuable to loose
Or too hard to search, and harder to find
It’s far harder to keep it from you, no use
It’s far better than to act blind

I miss you far more than distance can keep us apart
Even if you’re far away, you’re still dear to my heart
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