World Cup... ended!

Well Spain won... and then I died.
I have to say I'm kinda glad its over... and also to admit... i didn't watch one single full game... I just couldn't. Soccer games are always too much for me to watch... No wait... it wasn't the soccer in itself.. it was all those signs reading "South Africa" on them that I just couldn't stand seeing... Too much for my poor mind.
I will miss my dad saying "Hey you watching the game?" and me saying "No, i'm checking my mail" and then he saying " God, you're so out of it." Shake his head and leave.
I must, must say I was hoping, really hoping that Netherlands would win. why? Cause for one, their complete performance in the World Cup generally, was amazing! like perfect scores for every single game! and then BAM!... you know what happened? I was going for Netherlands and that's why they lost :P. Yeah if you want a team to win, please don't get me on their side cause... inevitably theyre gonna lose. it happened to Mexico, and Germany and now... Netherlands.... por guys really I shoud start going for the 'other guys' :P 
I guess its kinda late now its all over and things... well they should be back to normal. I go back to school and ... sob cause I fail all of my tests.... :D


James said...

Really? u went for Germany? so did i! loyal to the last. but i think that the Germany-Spain game was rigged. don't u?

Alice J. said...

yeah totally! :D

Windy said...

Whaaa I went for Germany too... but then it lost... :(

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