I Hate

Some of you may have read this already, others not but I still appreciate your comments :D

I hate...

I hate not being able to touch you,
being here all alone and talk to myself.
I hate not being with you,
not being able to see your face,
hear your voice,
make you laugh...

I hate knowing you exist but not here,
trying to imagine what you're like.
I hate the different time zones,
and how time is never enough,
to say hello,
send a kiss...

I hate the oceans that tear us apart,
holding on to something I made up.
I hate not talking to you,
feeling anxious when I don't,
being a fool when I do,
not letting you know...

I hate the distance between us,
how I can't hold you in my arms.
I hate feeling useless,
not being able to tell you,
to let you know,
that I love you...


Windy said...


Meggy said...

This one if like one of my FAVORITES! I am so in love with ur poems alice!You rockks!

kwan said...

When i first read the title i was like " hmm.. one of those negitive heart break poems?" but i like it its got a hopefulness to it, you so well its like you already experienced it,love you Ali!!

Sandy said...

I loved this poem right when I read it. I think its definently one of my favorites of you.

M said...

I like it a lot. Did u write it????

Alice J. said...

Yep, I wrote it! :D

Chris said...

Sweet, although sad. I'll add a modification if you don't mind:)

I love the feeling firm and warm,
That comes from having love,
I love the calm after the storm,
How sun shines, sure enough,

I even love hating, if it means,
That all's not always what it seems,
For hating can help a soul love better,
Appreciate life's script...to smallest letter.:)

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