Under Construction

Whalalala I've gone CRAZY!!! its cuz the earth is shaking!!! no, its NOT 2012 yet... jeezz that movie was like :O traumaaaa... I mean the endtime as I grew up knowing it'd be like (you know like super anti-antichrist-and-his-forces-kind-of-powers for us :D ) sounds waaay more interesting and exciting then just the earth finishing and starting again phhhtt!! I WANNA BE SUPERMANN!! (ok, super girl). But anyways I like got sidetracked heeree -cheesy grin-.
the earth is shaking but not because of any earthquake or thyphon... That would be because heavy mach. is around. Our street is under construction ... again -rolls eyes-.
so what theyre doing is destroying the street (I think that explains the shaking), to reconstruct it all over again. Phhtt! Oh gosh, they cut out the water..... how am I supposed to take a shower tomorro?! hmmphh... thank god for water reserves (every time we move houses, we like to know the house has a water reserve uder the house, just in case things like this happen.), they're of the Lord (the water reserves).
Funny it was that my mom had barely finished sweeping the street and washing the entrance and then this huge truck releases its load of sand... IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSEE!!! WTH?!so yah, thankfuly our parking space is on a side street (the nice thing about living in a corner) and we don't actually have to go out the "Sand way".
What I don't like about this (aside from the earth shaking and the noise of heavy mach. getting in my nerves), is that the (horrible, disgusting-and sometimes drunkard-, Perverted and extremely non-attractive) workers, keep checking me out! -panics- Gash! if only Mexicans were more attractive... well at least the Mexicans in my side of Mexico are NOT... oo well, PTL.I guess there has to be ugly to be able to appreciate the handsome :D.
Heh, I remeber when just a year ago, we had these workeres in the house for a floor change... but that's another story. For now, lets just hope the Mexicans stop checking me out and crawling by my window :D.


Anonymous said...

:O pwincess! Now we want to hear the story of when yu had workers in yur house! Tell uuus!!! ;;) Love yuuu

Kwan said...

You should sit at your window and sing for them!!!!haha JJ!! Why them creaps!! if i was there i'd give them a little lecture about danger zones and privacy!!try witnessing to them i'm sure they'd listen!!

Windy said...

Oh GOD!!! I know how that feels!! Every time I go on the street these perverted 20-30 year old Mexican guys (usually poor) keep whistling or saying.....Guapa!....Deliciosa! Or something perv like that.....ewwww! (groooose!!!) So what I finally decided to do is follow my best friend's advice....I make a "loser" sign every time they go by! hahahaha

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