Sunday! I bet my Sunday rocked far more than yours!! nahahha yeah I'm not being a show off but yeah just you wait and see why!

So I wake up an hour late (great way to start the day) and I feel great! I go online and guess who? yups Chris comes in to make my day -smiles- well at least we could talk for five mins (that alone would have made my day), so I go downstairs to a kick-ass breakfast and some nice devotions w/ the fam. We made up our minds and we were gonna go to this amusement park for the (rest of the) day, so dad got bread and ham, and we got in the car... but wait... my mom has no way of protecting herself from the sun and that alone could ruin her day, so we go to wal-mart to find an umbrella but humm... the one's wal-mart's got are bright orange... eww. So we're headed back home all discouraged cause the whole amusement park thing went wrong when my mom suggests we go look for an umbrella somewhere else, even if we don't get to go to the park, we can get that over with just in case you know.
so we go the soriana (very similar to the wal-mart) and yups we find the perfect umbrella. but I get this sudden urge to get ice cream, I was deciding to whether i get a cone or a whole liter.... I opted for the liter cause it way cheaper and yummier and i get more for myself hehe (I can never get enough ice cream).
So I get myself the big liter of ice cream (YAY!!) So I figure that even if we're not going to the amusement park anymore, i could eat my ice cream in the car and do whatever we'll do. so I get these tiny disposable spoons and a straw (yeah, i found out its easier to eat ice cream with straws than with tiny disposable spoons) and I go to the car and enjoy my ice cream (Now that alone would have made my day soo great, but just you wait for the rest!). Fine, i didn't eat it ALL myself, i shared with Johnny and Amy and Clara and mom and dad, but no one had as much ice cream as I did, and it wasn't finished yet.
Well, my dad decided that there was still time to go to the amusement park (as it is far off outside the city) and see what it was about. So we all decided to try it out, enjoying a great amount of ice cream on the way.
We got to the amusement park and bought the tickets.
So yeah we basically went on a few lame rides and had a bit of fun, got wet and ate ice cream like never... followed by my mom's kick-ass cheese sandwiches and a hot shower.
We later watched a lame movie (2012) and ate popcorn with hot salsa (Yeay!) followed by sleepy time -smiles- great day!



captions: My Ice cream, me and my ice cream, me when we got to the park, Mum and Amy,  waiting for the f** train, In the train, J Me and C in the train, The hot brass statue guy and I, and the hot brass statue guy and I again, me and JOhnny on a lame ride, and me at the end of it all  -yawns-


Sandy said...

Awww, darling I soo wish I could've been there to steal you iceream and enjoy the laame rides with you! LOVEEEE YOU TONS AND TONS!

Meggy said...

I WANTS THE ICE CREAM TOOO! If ever there is a chance I get to see you...Let's buy a TON of ice-cream and HOG-OUT!

Kwan said...

by the way you hold the tub doesn't look like you want to let go of it!!awww lame rides are the most fun!! cus you get to scream your head off and everybody will look at you!!!"what's so exciting about that ride?" you guys must of had too much fun!!all of a sudden Mexico seemed so far again!!

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