Hey peoples...
Its tuesday!! you know what that means? it

means its music lesson day! or at least it has

been for the last 6 months or so... we were

anticipating the teacher's visit today, but

after an hour of waiting (he's usually 45

minutes late) we knew he wasn't gonna come

He later called and asked us to change the day

for tomorrow, instead of today, cause he "got

busy" soo yeah I'll see if I can write tomorrow

and tell ya'll about my lesson yeay-not :D
So I'll post some pictures I took of myself and sibs at school time.

Little Johnny is so big now...
 mirror view

Love u guys!


Meg said...

aww esties! I love it how you are so random! Random rox!
I wubs you hun!

P.S. I think your pweety! :))

Kwan said...

HAHA!! i know why you told me to look at your post right before you left!! you didn't want me to shower you with compliments well no running away now!!your so pretty!and cool at the same time!!how come i just know that is your room(huuum well maybe it was the mess!)well you still need to watch the "soloist" i bet you haven't! ( Meg beat me in being the first gggrrr!)

Alice J. said...

Aww BLUSH! both of you are too sweet! hhehe Kwan, its not my room... lalala altho it is messy... its a second living room we seldomly use, my sibs and i decided to make it messy :D:D heheh

Sandy said...

yeah guys you should see her room. THE ETERNAL DISASTER!
hahaa, love it tho.. causse then its the " comunal cleaning time" haha the best.
Man, that boy jonny huge man!
And estie..you're hilariously random.
I bet you could write a whole post about trees and food, and make funny, intersting and totaly worth it. loove you!

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