16 Terrific Reasons for Investing in Your Education

Eekk I've been running away from school lately.... but this morning I bumped into the last XN and ran across this article thing....

16 Terrific Reasons for Investing in Your Education
(By Jesus:)
1. A good foundation in education will enhance and broaden your usefulness.
2. It'll open certain doors that you wouldn't otherwise be able to enter.
3. Society expects a certain level of education from professionals, and this helps you better relate to and reach the educated and labor leaders.
4. It will make you a more well-rounded missionary.
5. It will prepare you for opportunities you may not be expecting today.
6. It will make you more versatile in your gifts and knowledge base.
7. A lack of education reflects poorly on your discipline and priorities as an individual.
8. Studying teaches you self-discipline.
9. Studying teaches you accountability.
10. Studying teaches you how to process information in a constructive, useful way.
11. Studying exercises your memory and helps you with mental focus.
12. Studying teaches you how to set goals and achieve them.
13. Studying helps you to learn about yourself—your interests, the way you think, your study habits.
14. Studying provides you with resources and leads to other resources and useful interests.
15. Studying helps you learn how to set and choose priorities.
16. Studying teaches you how to find the information you need, where to look for it and how to process it, and life teaches you how to apply that information.
("Devotional: Education for Life," ML #3780:133)

 ... Now imagine you had the chance to become a professional in any area you wanted to... ofc it's gonna take time and efforts on your part... but if you could.... would you?
Which is why I'm keeping going to Uni an option for my future.....


Chris said...

VERRRRY COOl--hadn't read this yet!

Kwan said...

Well what do you know!! totally not change that made me read this when i did!!just thing I needed! I've been slacking in my studies and of course its never been a real interest for me..but wow the uses of school!!!gives me the creeps though I'm going to study at a music University so i'll have to audition to get it!! like in the movies and all!!man!! I'm going to so pass out..well I do have a year to get ready...thanks for the tips Ali!!LOve you!!

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