The Smell of Rain

I open my eyes and dreamily gaze out the open window. The wind blows loud and clear and dark clouds form overhead as I walk out the balcony, a smile forms on my face. Lightning crack the sky and my hair goes wild, I let the wind softly caress my face, neck, shoulders, ankles and every inch of exposed skin.
The rain is coming, bringing the essence of life all around me. I look up and close my eyes, to keep the memory of this feeling implanted on my memory. The first raindrops fall softly over me, leaving the sweetest sensation engraved on my skin as loud thunders overwhelm my being and the water falls; slowly at first, like soft kisses on my bare skin, in contrast to the wind, slowly picking up pace.
I feel every drop on my skin, I hear the wind as it softly blows around me, whispering nature's deepest secrets into my ear. Puddles form around my bare feet and I can hear every drop as it touches the ground, lightly splashing on the tiny bodies of water around my feet.
And with a blissful expression, I take in the very breath of life... The smell of rain.


Kwan said...

That would sound like a teriffic start to a story it sounds so....novelish, all this going through your head while your getting soaked? quite amazing,I'd be runing around getting laundry and and closing windows!!sort of a different picture me and you,one calm and seriene the other wild and frantic!haha I love the way you wrote this,love you!

Sandy said...

Its so poetic! I loverrs it! Yeah, its like being in your head. Love, you should be a writer or something! YAYAYAY! Gosh, so your a musician, a poet, a artist, NOW A writer! oh oh and I forgot to mention that your an excellent cook... full of ideas, awesome.. AWESOME!
Guys this girl can only be defined as amazing, and in my book girl, thats exactly what you are.! LOOOOOVOE YOU! MUAH

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