Windyy!! my beautiful uhh.... 'twin sister' (I love it how ppl would to confuse us at the cervantino :P:P but i still don't get it why they'd compare ME to your beautiness)...
Its your BIRTHDAY!! you're a voting member now!! Eekk!! ok don't panic its all gonna be fine... i think!
you're an amazing friend and your maturity is waay beyond your age I truly admire you!

I love it how you can be so childish and funny but still very mature at the same time :)
And I'm incredibly sorry for not being able to make it to your amazing party.... but I promise I'll make it up to you! :) I love you tonss!! and I hope this year comes in with so many incredible surprises and amazing blessings!! cause you only deserve the best!! Congrats!!
(Hugs you warmly) .... Btw.... i just put this pic (taken at the cervantino so ppl. could see how much alike -not- we look like ;) love you!)

This is a short vid put together by Kwan from some friends who love you!

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