Cooking... with the Scouts :D

Ahhh!!! yeh I'm a scout! ... welll sorta... I haven't YET promised to be loyal to the scout laws and blah blah blah yeh sorry I'm just really tired....
so today... we like had this cookout or sumthin ... we had to cook something from another country and show something umm.... cultural?.... about each country,.. well my team picked .... BRAZIL!! yayayay I guess it was cool and stuff... I forgot the names of everything we cooked so yeh don't even ask.... but hey I DO have pictures ahha! well i look.... hidious as always :> actually... paarticularly hidious this time.... whatever so here's what... :D

My fellow scouts and "I" ... cutting um... peppers? :D
Me um... "Looking so innocent" :P with Amy back there
Ummm freakish face... we were covering my fellow scout... she had to change :D
Ok... so the colors were form Brazil... so it explains the green.... I don't have an explanation for the feathers :D
Um... that's like the "Team captain" or sunthing like that... :D he bought us fozen orange juices that were yummy :)
Um.... yeah the "final Product...." you can't really see anything but it was cool ok! :D
And more cooking....
Reeeelly creepy looking :D
All of them ppl. who were in the food thingo :D
MY group! :> we rocked.... second place :D:D :P (out of 3)
Looking really strange.... again... I cannot expolain the feathers :D
Yeayy! I.... feel.... special? :D
This was the 'other team' :) they were Japanese :D
They were um.... doing 'capoira' .... yeah i think i spelled it right :D
Um... they were... Italian :D

 Personally I liked the Italian food... but the whole Japanese display was AWESOMEE!!! so the Japs got first ... we got Second and the Italians were third :D yeayy!! At the end of it all I had fun and I guess everyone else did :D


Sandy said...

Sheesh woman, I likey you.
You know, the last time I thought you looked hideous was some years ago when your hair was BOOM BABY, since then I can't remember you hideous.- ook maybe that panda photosession, we both did look hideous BUT!! You really are a beauty, if you think you look bad here.. imagine when you think you look good!

OH ESTerrrrrrrrr, I have blogie bloogoes. Which I kinda forsoke.. but umm yeah its super duper awesome you should stalk it sometime :P, I"m gunna write a post about you soo stay tuned!

Alice J. said...

Pukis!! hahahah HEEEYY!! the panda pictures were Awesomee ok?! :D hahah shanks woman I love yu!
Sandeee whats the linkey link for your bloggers? I wanna stalk it!! hoho!! Muah!

Sandy said...

Ahh buba! Its...http://friendshipmeansmeaning.blogspot.com/ check it out :*

Kwan said...

ahh so fun!! you looks too awesome in the outfit!,whats the whole thing about anyway?

Alice J. said...

a gastronomical challenge :D

Stephanie said...

oh you looks oh so cute in the picture with the feathers..-smiles-! So cute! :D

J said...

looks like fun. yeah, whats the point of the scouts anyways? well, i always enjoyed busting things like that with my friends back in the day when i lived with 'em.

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