Jedi camp 06... ? :O

Whoah!! and another huge WHOAH!! I like log into Facebook a few weeks ago and i see it! no, I SEE IT! someone has posted MOST of the JEDI Camp pics.... thankfully I was NOT tagged but it triggered a whole lot of memories.... JEDI Camp was one of the funnest most amazing camps i've been to... and it was ... oh dear... 4 years ago!! man I've grown old in so little time :P heheheh and i... I looked like.... a 12-year-old hehhee Ok, ok i'll let you see some.... but hey.... BE NICE ok? I was only 13.... :D:D:D

A boo! I'm hiding somewhere  :D
ehehhe strangee.... i won't even say which one i am...
we were um... yeah... i don't remember :P it was fun tho... :P
Key commando, no comprendo :P lmao!

gypsy... :)

Hoooooly..... well try finding me ;)

Whoot well that's all I'm gonna show you cause the rest ... the rest are ridiculous :D heheh peace!


Chris said...

Very cute! :D I love memories and this looks like a worthwhile(and crazy) one!!!
Like the group shot... I think I found you but in case I'm wrong maybe I shouldn't say :-P
thanks for posting an awesome bit of your life for us!

Windy said...

HAHAHA OMG! We were teeny...I remember my eyes literally BULGED when I saw these pictures on FB...Thanks for posting the "good ones" GAH! I'm killing Julie! LOL!

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