MY Cervantino! pt. 1

~You don't see life how it is... you see life how you are!----(i forgot who said that)
...That was a quote from the last (and my only) class they gave at the Cervantino Camp that really spoke to me. So as my opening, I will relate to you how My Cervantino was :D (ahem so you might see how I was...)
Firstly... Cervantino is a yearly arts festival held in honor of Miguel de Cervantes in the city of Guanajuato here in Mexico lasting a whole month. People from all over the world come to see it.
Secondly.... TFI members organized something very similar to a camp... we all took tents and camped out in a campground away from the city... arghh vut the crao righto? I'm sure you're all dying to see the pictures well ... I won't stop you!
day 1 for me resume:
I finished my tests, went to pack, travelled to Gto., We got lost downtown, met up with TFI members, did free hugging, went back to camp, stayed at the bonfire till 6 am, 1 hour and a half of cold, miserable, and painful sleeping... once the sun came up... I sunbathed....


The tunnels

On the way to free hugging
Us girls

Kev and Sandy!

By the fire to keep warm

This is the first of 3 or more parts ok?! now bugger off  till I write the other ones! muahahha till then... see you later aligaters!


Chris said...

Looks...awesome! (forgive the cliche term but it REALLY DOES! :D )

Francis said...

thanks for not putting the pic of me as I look very creepy

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