My Cervantino! pt. 2

DAy 2 ... resume:
Woke up early... I sunbathed, we had awesome inspiration in my girl's tent, Had breakfast and this awesome class, got ready to witness and went downtown free hugging and prayign with people. I helped at the prophecy tent and got a ton of coffe... went back to the campsite to dinner and had an awesome party where i saw sandy overly happy to meet keith... and danced with a few guys... did not do anything i wouldn't hve done :P drank a bit... and enjoyed myself... went inside the tent till 7 am...

Awesome hatties

with windy too!

I really don't know what's happening

Free Hugging

The prophecy tent!

with Windy!

Awesome faces



See I'm soo strong!
Aand (coincidentially) there was no pictures of the partay.... so I'll post my last post on Cervy laterz!

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Susan said...

That last pic...muscles!!! :D Love 'em!

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