Hello virtual world :)!

This is my first... of i hope not many... post written in someone elses' computer...

What happened: so I have been experincing techincal difficultues with my pc lately... the battery died a few weeks ago... and now my cable is not working... it won't work... so my bro grabs it and breaks it and ugh yeah i have no way to keep my pc on anymoe... great!
So I now need a new cable... seems like my dad doesn't want to get a new one but repair the old one... dunno how that's gonna work cause i am fully convinced it is beyond repair.
On another topic: I am going on a road trip for three weeks... I'm not exactly sure when we're leaving but i suspect sometime this weekend... or later on i dunno Pray for me, as I am kinda lazy and these kinds of trips wear me out A LOT!
So anyways: I will miss you guys and being able to talk to you during the time my pc is under repair and when i go to this road trip.... but I will be able to go online from time to time ... not as much as i would like to i know... but I will try to keep you guys u posted on my stuff k? Oh... and Send offlines!! I'll try to answer them as soon as i can!

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Chris said...

Wow sorry: :-(
Will be praying for that...and of course will keep the road trip in my prayers!!!
You are amazing and when you add Him to the situation--nothing is impossible! :) :) :)

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