Holding on...

Holding tight to what i know to be right
I know there's no victory without a fight
But a challenge is always accepted with grace
Even then, i know my fears i have to face
If i had to hold on i'll know,
Or even if you ask me to let go
I'll do it because i love you
And i know you'll pull me though
Cause you've always been there for me
Strong? yes, for you i'll be
But be here when i call
Please don't let me fall
Will you be here at the end of my rope?
Please stay here and be my hope
Help me go on when there's no one to hold on to
Teach me to trust fully in you
Help me to live my life worthy of your love
Send me grace, the special one from above
Teach me to love though the hurt burns like hell
Replace the hate with your forgiveness and well,
After all, that's been going on with me
I'll love you as hard as it may be!
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Stephanie said...

I love this one Esther! so glad you finally made a blog for yourself :)

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