I just want to dedicate the poetry in this blog to all those hearts who've ever felt the passion of the loves, all those people who know what I talk about when I say love, it's more than an expression, there's far more to love than just what some people limit it to be, as for me I’ve let love rule my life.
Altho these poems were mainly dedicated to timely lovers and some maybe just imaginable, but most of them were dedicated to the most passionate of all lovers: Jesus! I love you all, and I hope they all are a source of inspiration to you as they were for me,

P.S. All of these poems are copyrighted

About... I'll try to keep u guys posted as much as i can... you'll probably see some every day, others once a week... depends on my mood :P

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Chris said...

I read this before but upon reading it again needed to say this...
1. Jesus is the most passionate of all loves--AMEN!:)
2. Source of inspiration...oh yes!
3. I hope they're not print-writed cause I glued one in my proph book :D
4. Keep writing!!! Magnifico!

Alice J. said...

-Blush- my poem? .... gee... Thanks Chris... tho i did take the copyright out of them later on... :D
I'm really glad you liked them :D:D

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