For Jesus


You love me, and you say so
You tell me, you let me know
I feel better than I ever had
In so many ways you make me glad

Take me to your ecstasies of love
Help me rise me up, over and above
You ease away my heavy load
And take me to your royal abode

I meet with you, you're there
Up above, over all, everywhere
Show me your stars, fly me to space
Take me to your heavenly place

Take me to Jupiter, to all its moons
To all the places where your love blooms
Show me every ecstasy unexplainable
Ever in this earth unattainable

Take me into your loving embrace
Away from this world, into your loving gaze
This place of love, freedom, joy and peace
The place where my wild spirit will release

Take me into your arms, stoke my hair
To turn you away? No I would never dare
For you have been more than my all in all
You’ve been there at my every fall

You have wiped away every tear in my cheek
You’ve been my strength when I’m weak
You never held anything against me, no never!
And it's never been I alone, but 'we', together

You never left and you've always been there
To tell me you love me, to show me you care
You’ve been my hero time and time again
Over and over, yes, you've been

There is nothing I can hide from you
You read my every thought you see all I do
You’re there in my good and my bad
You’ve seen me sad, happy, or mad

Yet you still love me without reserve
You prove to be more than what I deserve
And for all of this and much more
Do I love you to the core!

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Cybertron said...

This Rocks, Esty. I like your poetry.

Windy said...

Hi Esther! I decided I would take some time and go back and see all your old posts and comment on them when possible.
Oh, I just have to say...I love this poem! The way you express this on paper (haha computer screen :D) is amazing! It's super touching and beautiful... have you ever thought on sending these in to the family? I bet they could even make a song out of this one!

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