No Use...


There’s no use trying to hide
What one can't keep inside
But if I show you what I feel
Will you believe it's real?

Cause when things keep going on and on
One might wish they're done
But once you give me a chance
I’ll prove true passion in this romance

There’s no use in trying to contain
The smaller feelings that remain
But if I regret what I say
Will you forgive anyway?

Cause I might say or do stupid things
But when the memory in my head rings
I know I can always come back
I’ll count on you to keep me on track

There’s no use in keeping it all
Cause that would only mark a fall
But if I say that I really do care
Will you promise to be there?

Because I know you can count on this
That when you need my kiss
You’ll have me when you want
And I’ll do even what I can't

There’s no use in holding on
When you're meant to let go and be done
But if I think you might be for me
Will you keep the faith and hope for it to be?

Cause there's much more to faith than hope
But I’ll be there if you ever find end of your rope
And if you need me, anytime of the day
I promise to be there to stay

There’s no use in wanting to keep
Getting out of it, when you're in too deep
But if I run away from thee
Will you come chasing after me?

Cause sometimes I feel oh so afraid
And it all comes out like a wave
But I never meant to hurt you
If I do, please forgive, will you?
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