I know I’m not perfect and neither will I try to be
‘Cause if I do, I’m afraid I just won't succeed,
But I’ll just be myself for you to try and see,
I'll ask you to dance and I’ll let you lead,
I don't care if you think you'll do the wrong deed
‘Because everything that'll happen will be okay,
And I promise if anything wrong, I’ll take no heed
‘Cause I know I will love you for longer than today.

I can't promise forever ‘cause it's not mine to give,
And I know what you might just say,
But I’ll remember you for as long as I live,
Cause special people have a special day,
And it's never going to be forgotten,
And it really doesn't matter what you do,
Even if this feels so darn rotten,
I’ll remember this night for you.

If you ask me to kiss you I will,
I’ll do my best to go beyond expectations,
Although I’ll try to just shut up and chill,
I think I’m going to try your patience,

Maybe you'll think I’m just plain crazy,
But I love you without limits or time,
Hey baby you look so darn tasty,
Can I ask you to please be mine?
Will you stay up with me all night?
I promise to love you if you do,
And even if you don't, I won't fight,
Can I say it enough? I really love you!

I'll understand if you say that you need space,
I’ll give you all the space you need,
I can set up my very own special place,
But please don't leave me there alone to my own greed,
Cause if I stay so all alone here,
And am left to myself looking to the stars above,
I’ll need you to come and take away my fear,
‘Cause my greatest fear is losing your love.

I know this may sound selfish and maybe I am,
But I want you for myself and no one else can,
Dammit honey I want you as my man,
But I’ll share you, if this is what you want,
Although I hope we don't get to this,
We know everything can happen,
But never too serious to get real pissed,
Cause tomorrow we will be laughin'.

Now that I know that you love me as well,
Breathe into me and make this fantasy real,
I really want this cause I love you like hell,
Will you please? Please make me feel,
Feel the warmth of your body on this chilly night,
It’s been raining for so long as I’ve been awake,
I’ll respect your decision to be right,
But Hun, I’d really hate to fake.
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