Ahhh! Johnny... youre 14 already!! and today... its like your birthday... and I'm like supposed to be nice to you and stuff.... yeahh and I forgot about the prank i was gonna play on you :O:O but since i'm supposed to be nice, i'll do it some other time. umm I think there was something i was supposed to say... oh yeah.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!... altho i dunno how happy it'll be if i ruin your bday cake :D:D
so um i was gonna put up a ridiculous pic of you... but i know you're gonna have a meaner come-back (I knows it) so i'll keep it to myself and put up a decent one or something. :D:D

 well this year's gotta be better then last so you make it rock kay? i'll do my best to annoy the hell out of you (cause that's what older ppl. are for :D) gahhaha Oh and I hope this year you STOP READING MY MIND!! (get's kinda annoying sometimes ;) :D ) -oh crap.... i still dunnno what to give you- :D haha and its like school time so i better leave the pc to you ;)

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